When you are in the market for high quality marketing photography for your website or print advertising, make your first call to Atlantic Vision Media. Our service area includes greater New Haven CT and Fairfield CT. Professional photography takes your message to a higher level. Online, photos make your website more engaging. Photography will powerfully build your brand on social media, blog posts, articles, and web pages. Offline, photos tell your story on brochures and all types of promotional materials. Onsite professional marketing photography communicates credibility and quality for any business advertising. Our clientele includes leaders in the hospitality industry, restaurants, resorts, real estate and product sales. High definition photography and videography are two powerful visual storytelling mediums. The virtual walkthrough of your business will make new customers feel at home before they actually walk in your door.

Owner Tony Bacewicz is passionate about visual storytelling. He developed his talents as a photojournalist for The Hartford Courant. His career has taken him all over the world. Through Atlantic Vision Media, Tony delivers is product with the discerning eye of an artist. Tony’s specialty is photography at the client’s location capturing what’s important with attention to content and aesthetics. Adding professional photography to your arsenal positively impacts public perception about your company. Composition, lighting, staging, and experience all come into play on a professional photo shoot. Your company’s reputation will benefit from the investment.

Today, marketing photography includes high definition still images, videos, and virtual tours. Engage with prospects and customers with visual media to tell your story. Online video and virtual walking tours add value to your online presence. We specialize in photography for Google Virtual Tours, a panoramic view of your interiors. We can also show you how to pull still images from the unique viewpoint that virtual tours provide and show you how to embed them on your web site.

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