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Video and Photography Services in CT

Atlantic Vision Media is your go to source for the professional photography and video services that will set your web site apart from the crowd.  Google Virtual Tours are one of the more powerful “sticky media” tools we use to engage your customers – even before they get to your web site. You may be surprised to learn how affordable our services are. Video recording, video editing and related film making services are also powerful tools we offer our clients. We can help you script and produce a video tailored to your needs or edit video you already to have to fine tune your message. We are from “The Mighty Minute” school of thought. Concise messages in short videos are more likely to be remembered by your target audience.


Being seen and heard above the crowd is no easy task but key to the success of any enterprise that must stand out against the competition.We live in a visual world and the images you present to your audience not only make that critical first impression but are key to holding interest and getting your whole message across. Single and multiple photographic images are  powerful storytelling tools. The sound of the human voice brings video to life and engages viewer on a different level.  We give your web designer, art director or ad agenecy something to work with. We also provide web design services if your business is just starting out or your web site needs a fresh look.


Whatever story needs to be told we take on the project with energy and enthusiasm and have the skills to deliver top quality work across a wide range of categories. Every project we take on is optimized for maximum visual impact for the media vehicle that you choose to get your message across  – web, print or broadcast.  For maximum effect, we suggest that you consider the combined power of a cross media approach. Here are some of the more broad categories that we “deliver the goods” in:


Are a cutting edge storytelling media that invites your audience inside your business and shows it to the world like no other media can.


We believe that no sound is more powerful than the sound of the human voice telling a story. It brings an authenticity that cannot be conveyed in other media. We craft every project as an invitation for the viewer to take a visual and auditory journey.


On location for all purposes


News, publicity, corporate, weddings and family events


Customized for each client


Tailored to meet client needs


interior and exterior


News and events, personal history, telling stories of people for present and future generations


If you have a project that does not seem to fit for any of the broad categories listed, feel free to contact me, Tony Bacewicz, creative director – Atlantic Vision Media.

About the owner, Tony Bacewicz

My lifelong passion for photography began when I received a film developing kit for Christmas as a child. It was a truly magical experience for me to watch images that I captured appear in the developing trays in my basement darkroom. I set about to explore my world with the family rollfilm camera.

Once that fire within me was lit, I did everything I could to feed the flame. I read everything I could find on the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography. Each new edition of Life Magazine and National Geographic gave me the opportunity to see the latest works of truly great photographers. I took pride in seeing my photos and credit published for the first time in my high school newspaper.

I was extremely fortunate to begin my career in photojournalism at The Hartford Courant where I found many challenging opportunities to grow and learn alongside highly skilled and dedicated photographers and editors. For me every day was a glorious field trip that enabled me to take my camera to new places, meet new people and learn a little bit more about the world.
I rode in a vintage bi-plane with a successful entrepreneur, felt the thunderous roar of the crowd at national political conventions and experienced the plight of refugees fleeing their burned out villages during the Kosovo Crisis. Documenting a round-the-world flight honoring the memory of Amelia Earhart over three months gave me a global cultural experience that was beyond my wildest dreams.

Today I relish every opportunity to photograph people and events in natural environments. I also enjoy capturing the effect of light as it plays across the surface of aerial landscapes, food, antiques, fabrics and new products.

I’ve learned that everyone has a unique story to tell. I hope to have the opportunity to tell your story soon.