Atlantic Vision Media is a full-service marketing company providing our customers with creative and powerful messaging to connect with their clients. Our years of experience in media services and video productions offers meaningful and insightful messaging that will successfully reach your clients with measurable results. For example, we use powerful ‘sticky media’ tools like Google Virtual Tours to engage your customers before they even get to your website.


At Atlantic Vision Media we partner with our clients in order to gain understanding and insight into the goals and needs of the company. We like to work seamlessly with clients while paying close attention to brand standards and guidelines. In order to ensure that the needs of the project are being met and that we are constantly working towards the desired outcome, we follow an established process and guide our clients through each step of the process. Some of these steps involve:

– Preplanning
– Concept development
Atlantic Vision Media – Timeline development
– Production and post-production
– Client evaluation
– Final editing
– Product delivery

We offer our clients a full suite of production capabilities that include:

– HD and 4K Filming
– Copy Writing
– Creative Development
– Voice Over
– Graphic Animation
– Graphics and Visual Effects
– Music Effects
– Aerial Photography and Cinematography
– Post Production Editing

Tell Your Story

Creating a compelling video is often the first step towards standing out above the crowd. Atlantic Vision Media can help you go a step further by showing you how to strategically utilize your video to communicate and connect with viewers and potential customers. We provide full media planning and buying services to help develop a strategic media and promotion plan that includes:
– Identification of target audience.
– Creation of timetables.
– Sourcing appropriate media channels.
– Create campaign outlines.
– Uncover value-added opportunities for clients.

Because we live in a visual world the images that we use to communicate with our audience is key to making a critical first impression and holding the interest of the audience to get the complete message across. We can help your art director or web designer to make use of powerful story telling tools like single or multi photographic images and video. And if you are just starting out, or your website needs a makeover, we can provide you with web design services to create your dream website.

The Visual Story

Each project taken on by us is optimized for greatest visual impact in your media vehicle of choice, whether the web, broadcast, print or a combination of the three for a powerful cross-media approach. Our professional team includes project managers, producers, and creative thinkers who welcome creative challenges. Some of the tools we use include:

Google Virtual Tours
Cutting edge media that tells your story, invites the audience in, and shows off your business to the world

The sound of the human voice is extremely powerful and presents your story in an authentic way that is difficult to convey inĀ other types of media. With video, you invite the audience to take an auditory and visual journey with you.

Atlantic Vision Media Photography

These include publicity events, news events, weddings, corporate events and family events.

These include films based on news and events.

Multimedia Slide Shows

Environmental Portraits

Food and Products (customized to suit each client)

Aerial Photography


Personal History
Stories of people told for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

Media Options include Cable TV, Broadcast TV, Print, Radio, Social Media and Digital Media.

Let us help you create and broadcast your unique story in a compelling and interesting way that will ensure that you reach your goals and increase your customer base with the latest media tools.

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