Love of Food Photography

Photography of restaurants in CT and beyond has long been one of the most enjoyable, though sometimes challenging, types of photography that I do. I believe that all restaurant owners take a lot of pride not only in their menu offerings but also in the dining atmosphere they have created for their customers.

When prospective customers see  online virtual tours and still photos of a restaurant client of mine, I always want to make sure that I’ve done all I can do to ‘Make the new customer’s FIRST impression the BEST impression.’

Indian food photography CT

Showing the dining atmosphere is key to making that first, best impression and Google Virtual Tours rise to the top as the tool that I use to take new customers right inside to look all around at their own pace. Applying my well developed skills as a photojournalist begins with listening to the owner and asking the right questions during a pre-shoot informal interview.

Before my virtual tour and food shoot of Coromandel Cuisine of India in Orange I learned from restaurant owner Michael Jacob that the restaurant offers a very popular special Saturday lunch buffet and that he wanted to feature his full service bar.  It was easy to decide that Saturday noon would be the best time to be there with my cameras and to allow time for the preparation that he needed.

I found that the right angle to shoot the panoramic view of colorful cocktails lined up on the bar created a strong leading line pointing the viewer to the dining area just a few clicks away in the final tour.  This also presented me with an opportunity to make additional still photos of the drinks in smaller groupings.

Indian food beverage photography CT

PHOTO TIPS: Food Photography

To get best results when taking a photo of a meal you’re about to enjoy, try rotating the plate to show different angles to see what looks best under the natural light of your dining table. Avoid using the harsh light of flash if you can to get the most natural color and textures.

Mr. Jacob also wanted individual photos of his featured dishes from the menu as well. To create those photos I needed to find a table out of traffic where I could set up my lights without disturbing diners or impeding the wait staff on their rounds. I’ve learned that the best food photography not only brings out the colors in each creation but the various surface textures as well. The simple and effective photographic lighting style that I’ve developed enables me to work quickly so each dish is looking its best in the first few minutes that it comes out of the kitchen.

The extensive Saturday buffet at Coromandel Cuisine of India drew a very diverse crowd that included mature dining couples and families with small children. Of course when my photography work was done I chose to fulfill my role as a Google Guide by sampling the delicious buffet and writing an honest, positive review of the restaurant.

All in all it was a delicious day at work!

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